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Frequently Asked Questions

What are FAQs and why should I have them?

When you launch a website presentation of any kind to promote a service or share information, you will almost certainly inspire your viewers to ask questions about the information you present. In decades past, webmasters became frustrated by spending excessive time answering the same questions numerous times from numerous viewers rather than expanding the website. In response, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) were born.

FAQs are the first lines of defense for your website viewers requesting information about your website or services. Having an abundance of FAQs on your website not only contributes to search engine placement for keywords relating directly to your website's purpose and presentation, but FAQs are the first place viewers tend to go when they have a question. It is relative to your standard Q & A approach where the people provide the questions and you provide the answers. If viewers do not get sufficient information via FAQs, the next typical venue is a forum or message board (if there is one) or they migrate straight to the contact form.

If your website lacks sufficient FAQs, viewers will become frustrated and leave your website or flood your e-mail unnecessarily with repetitive questions. This will cause you to either 1) spend more time answering the e-mail and less time expanding your website's presentation and services or 2) cause you to begin ignoring e-mails which will chase your viewers away.

The best way to pick what FAQs you should add to the website is to allow the viewers to decide. Add FAQs to your website which actual people tend to ask when you discuss your website's topic with them. Watch the e-mail coming from your contact form and/or messages boards. When a question stands out as being asked frequently, write an FAQ about it.